Odds Are, Your Children Shouldn't Exist.

Odds Are, Your Children Shouldn't Exist.

The odds of someone being born are inconceivable (about 1 in a trillion). The chances of meeting your spouse or co-parent and having children are even more wild. Then you have to avoid the 3 mistakes that could kill any relationship. But here you are, blessed beyond measure. It's time to quit taking everything for granted and start living accordingly.

Every day, we should pause to consider the improbability of it all and the wonder of it all. We should be grateful that we were fortunate enough to find that one person who perfectly complements us, that we could generate new life, and that our children were born with unique characteristics that make them who they are.

Consider how many variables had to come together to get you where you are today. You had to be born in a specific location at a particular time, to specific parents with an exact genetic makeup, and have distinct experiences that led you to meet your partner. Then you had to conceive at just the right time, under the perfect conditions, to give birth to the incredible human beings who are your children.

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But it's not just that we were fortunate enough to have children. It's also about seeing them grow up, develop their own personalities, interests, and abilities, and become the unique individuals they were born to be.

Getting caught up in the day-to-day trials and challenges of raising children as parents is easy. We are concerned about their health, education, friendships, and future. We are irritated by their actions and attitudes. The sheer amount of responsibility that comes with parenting overwhelms us.

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We must remember that every moment we spend with our children is a blessing. We must treasure every laugh, hug, conversation, and shared experience. But we must remember how fortunate we are to be in the thick of it all.

We must remember that our children are not only our obligations but also our blessings. They are concrete proof of our love for our spouses and living proof of the miracles that brought us together in the first place.

So, remember how fortunate you are the next time you're feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. Discover what it means to parent with confidence. Realize that the chances of this happening are astronomical and that you are lucky beyond measure.

Then live your life accordingly. Maintain eye contact with your youngsters. Pay attention to what they say. Laugh along with them. Help them out. Motivate them. Love them completely. And remember, they are the most extraordinary thing that has ever happened to you.