I get it. Being a dad is challenging at times. You get frustrated when your kids don’t listen, you feel like your past is littered with too many mistakes, or maybe you are at the end of your fuse and ready to throw in the towel.

Fatherhood is not for cowards. It is one of the most demanding and incredible things you will ever do. Taking on the role of a great dad requires strength and courage. It may not be physically challenging, but being a dad is demanding.

Studies show that your confidence, how you see yourself as a father, and the value you place on your role as a father impact your children's behavior.

If you want to be more confident as a dad, here are five things you can begin doing immediately.

1) Remember Presence Over Perfection

Your presence in your kid's life is the most important thing. It is the greatest thing you have to offer your kids as their father. Research has shown that a father’s involvement in his child’s life can increase the child’s chances of academic success and reduce the chances of delinquency and substance abuse.

2) Learn The Basics

This is specifically directed toward new dads. Be an equal caretaker for your kids: learn how to bathe, change diapers, feed, and play appropriately. The more you are engaged in the upbringing of your kids, the more confident you will feel in your ability to provide. Trust me; you will come to miss these moments.

3) Spend Quality Time With The Kids

The more time you spend with your kids, the more you will know them. The more you know your kids (their joys, passions, dreams), the more confident you will feel when you spend time with them. Do you know your kid's interests? Have you paid attention to their habits or quirks? Do they have a hobby? Are they thriving?

4) Get Creative With Fun

Creative fun is good for your kid's development and an excellent way to stay connected with your kid. If you enjoy reading, buy lots of books and read to your child. Maybe even find a way to reenact scenes or add fun voices.  If you miss going to concerts, turn on some music and dance with your baby.

5) Take A Break

This is easier said than done, but don't forget to make time for yourself. Your kids need the full you, not the tired, strung-put, short-fused version of you. They deserve you at your best. And it's not just your kids who deserve the best version of you, either.  Find time to do something you love. Take a nap. Go fishing. And give yourself credit for being present in your kid's life.

5 Easy Ways To Be A More Confident Dad