It might be challenging to discern our purpose in a world when we are frequently pushed in many different directions. We are constantly assaulted with messages about what we should do, be, and want. Navigating these expectations and finding our own path is difficult.

Here's the thing, though. Nurturing our purpose is about living a life that is important to us rather than discovering one exact job we are destined to perform.

Growing our purpose involves three steps:

  1. exploration
  2. identification
  3. expression


Exploration entails attempting new things and being exposed to new experiences. We open ourselves up to new possibilities and chances as we explore. We discover what we like and dislike. We learn what interests us and what bores us. Exploration allows us to have a deeper understanding of ourselves and our interests.


Identification is the process of taking what we have learnt via research and identifying what is most significant to us. We may discover that we are deeply committed to a certain cause, such as climate change or social justice. We may realize that we are drawn to a certain profession or subject of study. Identifying entails reflecting on what we have learnt and narrowing it down to the things that are most important to us.


Expression is about living and acting on our purpose. This may take numerous forms, such as volunteering for a cause we care about or pursuing a profession that reflects our beliefs. Expression entails incorporating the things we have identified as significant into our daily life.

Growing our purpose is a continuous process rather than a one-time event.

Compare it to a gardener tending to his or her garden. The gardener must maintain the garden on a regular basis by eradicating weeds and planting fresh seedlings. Similarly, as we develop and evolve, we must reflect on our purpose on a frequent basis and make modifications.

How can we cultivate our purpose?

Discovering our purpose in life is a deeply personal and ongoing journey. While it can be challenging at times, cultivating our purpose is essential for finding meaning, fulfillment, and happiness in our lives. So, here are a couple ways to being cultivating your purpose.

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📚 Discover new stuff.

Take a course in a subject which you know nothing. Visit a new location. Take up a new pastime. We learn more about ourselves and what we appreciate as we get more experiences. However, if you want to be a circus performer, don't do anything too dangerous, like tightrope walking or lion taming.

🤔 Consider your experiences.

Take some time after trying something new to think on what you liked and disliked about it. What did you discover? What astonished you the most? Reflection allows us to narrow down our experiences to what is most essential to us. And, if you're anything like me, you'll need a few glasses of wine to properly immerse yourself in the process of introspection.

👀 Look for role models.

Seek for people who live lives that inspire you. What aspects of their life do you admire? What steps can you take to incorporate those qualities into your own life? Just make sure you don't unintentionally stalk them or show up uninvited at their residence. That's not a smart method to find your calling or create new friends.

❤️ Volunteer for a worthy cause.

Volunteering may be an excellent opportunity to put our principles into action. It can also expose us to new experiences and help us learn more about ourselves. You'll also get to wear one of those amazing volunteer vests that make you appear like a member of a secret club.

💡 Pursue a job that reflects your ideals.

It might be tough to find meaning and purpose in your work if it is not in line with your ideals. Evaluate if your present job is a suitable fit for you, and if not, look into alternative choices. And if you do decide to change careers, make sure it's not one of those "follow your goals" professions that pay you in hugs and free snacks. You still have to pay rent and purchase groceries.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is the meaning of purpose, and why is it important?
A sense of direction and significance in one's life is referred to as purpose. It is significant because it gives a framework for decision-making and assists individuals in directing their energy and efforts toward what is actually important to them.

Q: How can I identify my life's purpose?
A: Finding your mission is an intensely personal and continuing endeavor. It entails trying new things, determining what is most important to you, and adopting those priorities into your everyday life. It may also entail looking for role models, volunteering for a cause, and pursuing a profession that represents your values.

Q: Why is exploration vital in growing our purpose?
A: Exploration gives us the opportunity to try new things, be exposed to new situations, and learn what we enjoy and hate. Exploring allows us to obtain a better knowledge of ourselves and our interests, which is an important step in developing our purpose.

Q: What is identification, and why is it vital in pursuing our goals?
A: Identifying entails thinking on what we have discovered via investigation and narrowing down what is most essential to us. It is significant because it enables us to select and focus our efforts on the things that genuinely matter to us.

Q: What exactly is expressiveness, and why is it crucial in developing our purpose?
A: Expression is about living our purpose and acting on it. It is vital because it helps us to apply the things we have recognized as essential into our daily lives, whether by volunteering, seeking a career, or adopting our principles into our daily activities.

Q: How often should I think about my purpose?
A: While reflecting on your purpose is entirely up to you, it is important that you do so on a regular basis to ensure that you are keeping true to yourself and your ideals. This might be done on a daily or weekly basis, or even once a month or every few months.

Q: Can my purpose shift over time?
A: Certainly, your purpose may vary and evolve as you grow as a person. It is critical to revisit your purpose on a frequent basis and make changes as needed to ensure that it remains consistent with your beliefs and interests.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Your Life Purpose