Have you ever found yourself wondering the important questions in life, such as "what is my purpose?" or "what am I destined to do with my life?"

If you have, you're not alone. These are questions that most of us explore at some time in our lives. The good news is that there are practical methods to get the answers you're searching for.

One of these methods is journaling.

What is a journal prompt? Basically, a journal prompt is a thought-provoking question or statement that is supposed to stimulate you to write down your thoughts, emotions, and ideas. 

5 journal prompts to discover your life's purpose.

Journaling is a practical and uncomplicated tool that may help you develop a better knowledge of yourself and your purpose, and I am going to give you your first 5 writing prompts.

Prompt 1: What are your fundamental values?

This question invites you to identify the values that are most important to you. Values are the things that matter to us most in life, and they may lead us in making choices and living a meaningful life.

✍️ Entry Example: After some thought, I've decided that my decisions and actions are based on the following values: Integrity. I believe in being honest, telling the truth, and doing the right thing even when it's hard. Empathy. I think it's important to be able to understand and relate to how other people feel and what they've been through. Growth. I am committed to learning new things, making myself better, and growing as a person.

Prompt 2: What are your passions?

This prompt encourages you to reflect about the things that offer you the greatest pleasure and contentment. Your passions are an important component of your purpose, since they may assist you find the things you're intended to pursue in life.

✍️ Entry Example: I love writing because it lets me say what I want to say. Whether I'm writing in my journal, writing creatively, or writing for school, I find it very satisfying to get my thoughts and ideas across in a clear and interesting way. I am also always trying to learn new things and improve myself and my career. I love trying out new ideas, questioning the things I think I know, and pushing myself to be the best version of myself.

Prompt 3: What are your strengths?

This prompt invites you to evaluate your particular traits and capabilities. Recognizing your abilities might help you identify ways to utilize them to make a good effect in the world.

✍️ Entry Example: I have excellent communication skills, both written and spoken. When I speak in front of a group, I don't become nervous or muddle my thoughts.

Prompt 4: What are your goals?

This prompt invites you to think about the things you desire to accomplish in life. Objectives may provide us direction and help us keep focused on what's essential.

✍️ Entry Example: My ultimate travel goal is to visit all seven continents. Like Pokemon, why limit yourself to just one or two when you can have them all? Perhaps I'll unearth a fabled South American city paved with gold, or the elusive yeti, in the Himalayas. A second of my goals is to complete a marathon. The truth is, though, that I'll be the one gasping for air at the end of the race while everyone else is drinking Gatorade and giving each other high fives.

Prompt 5: What legacy do you wish to leave behind?

This prompt encourages you to evaluate the influence you wish to make on the world. It's a strong question that may help you acquire clarity and drive for living a worthwhile life.

✍️ Entry Example: I want to be remembered as someone who positively influenced the lives of others. I want to be remembered as a kind, sensitive, and empathic person who helped others accomplish their objectives. I want to encourage individuals to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams, no matter how large or tiny they are.

What's the point of journaling?

Each challenge is meant to help you examine various elements of your life and acquire a greater understanding of your purpose. The idea is to be honest with yourself and put out your thoughts without judgment. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers when it comes to understanding your purpose.

5 Journal Prompts for Discovering Your Life's Purpose