3MN: Without it, no real success is possible.

3MN: Without it, no real success is possible.

Happy Thursday!

In the next 3 minutes:

  1. How to know if you have integrity.
  2. The world is shocked by. . .
  3. Why will people begin to pay attention to your faith?

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Minute 1 - How to know you don't have integrity.

The word integrity comes from the root Latin word integer, which means whole or complete.

This is often the opposite of how many of us structure our lives. I have a tendency to compartmentalize my life into a pie chart.

  • Often, we might have a professional life separate from our spiritual life because we don't want to offend anyone in our professional life with our spiritual beliefs.
  • When we get into our family life, we keep our private life separate because we don't want our family to know what we do in private.
  • When we go into our social life, it's really different from what we do in our spiritual life, which is profoundly different from what we do in our private life.

Without even knowing it, we live a compartmentalized life. That's not integrity.

Integrity is when your behavior matches your beliefs. It's when what you show on the outside is a true reflection of what you believe on the inside.

It's a holistic, integrated life with Jesus at the center.

Minute 2 - Without it, no real success is possible.

A couple years ago, I stumbled upon something President Dwight D. Eisenhower said that resonated with me.

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.

Every aspect of a society relies on a foundation of integrity, and yet we are often surprised when a wallet is returned to its owner with the cash still inside.

The world is shocked by integrity.

Minute 3 -  How to shock the world.

In the very same way, God shocked the world while we were still sinning he sent Jesus. While we were cursing him, Jesus said forgive them.

In the same way, may we, as integrated followers of Jesus continue to shock the world with love, with generosity, with grace, and with integrity.

I pray people look at your life and say, "I may not believe what they believe, but man, they sure believe it the way they give, the way they love, and the way they serve. Maybe that Jesus person who drives their life is worth paying attention to."

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That is how it continued to be; the cloud covered it by day, and at night it looked like fire. - Numbers 9:16 (NIV)

Wait, that's it?

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