3MN: You can always find a reason to be disappointed.

3MN: You can always find a reason to be disappointed.

Happy Thursday!

In the next 3 minutes:

  1. You can always afford to be wrong.
  2. You can always find a reason to be disappointed.
  3. You can always ask this question.

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Minute 1 - Love doesn't need to be loud.

I'm uncharacteristically watching a lot of TV right now because "my" sports team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, are in the NBA Playoffs.

While I don't care much about the opinions of sport's analysts, I am always curious about how they talk about the Thunder.

One popular sport's analyst is Stephen A. Smith (synchronized eye-roll from any sports fan reading this right now). Even if you are not a sports person, you likely have caught a glimpse of a Stephen A. tantrum.

If not, here you go.

You get the idea. As I listen to analysts passionately talk about teams, players, and stats, I often find myself wondering if this is how they talk all the time. I imagine guys like Stephen A. at his home around the dinner table doing a play-by-play of his day in his overzealous voice.

Stephen A. is loud because he wants his opinion to be heard.

Love doesn't need to be loud. It just needs to be more important to us than our opinions. Jesus had strong beliefs, and He vocalized them often, but love was always His priority.

We can afford to be wrong. We can even be loud once in a while.

But keep it about love, not all the noise in the world.

Minute 2 - You can always find a reason to be disappointed.

Poet Marianne Moore offers a simple life strategy:

"I've made it a principle not to be over-influenced by minor disappointments." Source: Sweet Theft

You can always find a reason to be disappointed: at a choice, a person, a word, or a thought. Choose to move through. Choose to love over noise.

Minute 3 -  How can you use actions over words today?

That's it.

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