3MN: If you are sick of being stuck, read this.

3MN: If you are sick of being stuck, read this.

Happy 3-Minute Thursday!

💬 In the next 3 minutes:

  1. The secret to real change you won't find in most books.
  2. Renew your mind with a single statement.
  3. An exercise that will get you unstuck.

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🤫 Minute 1 - The secret to real change you won't find in most books.

So here’s what happened:

The new year has rolled around, and you said I want to change: ___________________ [fill in the blank.]

And you’ll know why you want to change that thing—i.e., because you are tired of wearing fat jeans. (You want to wear skinny jeans.)

And then you’ll have your how—i.e., you’re going to join a CrossFit gym, recruit a walking buddy, or go on a strict diet.

Every goal-setting book, goals-guru, and motivational poster will emphasize those two things: you need your why, and you need your how.

But here is the secret to real change:

  • We’re not looking for behavior modification (what you can do or not do.)
  • We’re looking for spiritual transformation (what God wants from you and how he will help you achieve it.)

You must add a spiritual element to the change you want. You want a spiritual why. You want a spiritual how.

💡 Definitions: Your spiritual why is God’s purpose for you. Your spiritual how is God‘s power through you.

💤 Minute 2 - I say this because, by nature, I am not disciplined.

Pastor and author Craig Groeschel developed this language and explains why this subtle shift makes all the difference in how real change happens.

I am disciplined. Christ in me is stronger than the wrong desires in me . . . . The reason I say this is because, by nature, I am not disciplined, meaning I like to eat what I like, I like to sleep in, I like to be lazy by nature. My sinful nature is not disciplined. But I declare, renew in my mind, "I am disciplined. But it is not me. It's Christ in me that's stronger than the wrong desires in me"

💨 Minute 3 - Take your why and how and make them spiritual.

The real power to change is found when we allow God to work through us rather than us solely attempting to bring about change by our own willpower.

You are pretty awesome, but you haven't seen the changes you want because you've only been relying on your power.

Do something different.

Take your why and how and make them spiritual.

  • Maybe you want to overcome an addiction. With the help of Jesus, I will overcome this addiction because I am not a slave to any sin, but by the power of Jesus, I am set free.
  • Maybe you want to get more organized. God is a God of order. Therefore, I’ll organize my life to order it around the things that matter most.
  • Maybe you want to read your Bible regularly. I am only as good as what I put into me. If I want faith, I need more of God. I will do whatever it takes to get more of Him on a daily basis.
Remember: Small changes lead to lasting breakthroughs. Reply to this email and let me know how it went.


B B T G O G I A W I A, A H G T M W N W E. N, I W H T A O TY N I, B T G O G T W W M.

But by the grace of God I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect. No, I worked harder than all of them—yet not I, but the grace of God that was with me. - 1 Corinthians 15:10

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Payton Minzenmayer


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