Problems are precisely as bad as you think.

Problems are precisely as bad as you think.
Photo by Benjamin Davies / Unsplash

Problems are precisely as bad as you think.

The worst thing that can happen to you is not the event.

  • Diagnosed with terminal cancer.
  • Fired without savings built up.
  • Failing the test for the third time.
  • Season-ending injury.

The worst thing is the event and losing your head. Because then you are left with two problems (the uncontrollable and the unnecessary).

Here is what it takes: when you see the world for what it is and has to offer, you must decide. You must act.

And a clearer head makes for steadier hands.

This is not about looking at the world through rose-colored glasses or avoiding the pain and grief that come with obstacles.

Boldness is acting even when you understand the negative outcome.

  • Speaking up for what is right, even though it might cost your job,
  • Sharing your faith with a friend, even though it might make things awkward,
  • Talking to your kids about pornography, even though it makes you uncomfortable.

Decide to tackle what stands in your way (illness, injustice, failure, injury, death, awkwardness).

Not because you’re taking a blind guess but because of a strategic step of boldness.

The world is what it is. You’ve gotten your taste of it and have seen the rest on news outlets and social media.

Control your mind and put your hands to good use.