I want to believe, but is it even reasonable to believe in God?

I want to believe, but is it even reasonable to believe in God?

I want to talk about something that might be on your mind, especially if you are at a crossroads of faith and reason. That is, whether it is reasonable to believe in God despite the absence of visible proof or personal experiences.

As someone who has also questioned the existence of God, I understand the confusion and uncertainty that comes with the topic. However, I have realized that belief in God can be rational and logical.

If God's not visible, how can we be sure?

First, let's address the idea that the absence of visible proof makes it hard to believe in God. It's true, we cannot see God, but that does not necessarily mean that God does not exist. Let me explain. Some things exist in our world that we cannot see with the naked eye, such as ultraviolet radiation, radio waves, or air molecules. We know that they exist because we have evidence to support their existence. The same applies to abstract realities like love, justice, and sacrifice.

Things can exist outside of physical reality. So if we can recognize that some things exist in our reality that cannot be seen, what is the basis for knowing if they exist?

That's called evidence.

There is evidence to support the existence of God.

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