Hi, I'm Payton

I am driven to help Christians reach their next breakthrough in their faith, mind, and relationships because I believe everyone benefits when Christians get better.

I am a seasoned pastor and bestselling author, and enjoy creating content that is witty, relatable, and tailored toward those who are sick and tired of feeling stuck in their lives.

If you are wondering where you should start, I recommend the 3 Minute Newsletter: a concise, weekly breakthrough for Christians.

I live in the coastal community of Vero Beach, Florida with my wife and two boys. I help lead a growing church and regularly travel to different parts of the world to lead mission teams. I hold a Master of Divinity and other credentials that don't really matter.

I find joy in simple pleasures that come in the form of quiet nights with a bowl of chips and queso. I write early in the morning, then spends the rest of the day chasing my boys, reading a new epic fantasy novel, and writing notes in the margin of my Bible.

WHAT I WRITE ABOUT👇 (click me)

🔥 How to find meaning and live it out.

✝️ How to be a Christ follower and not lose your soul.

💎 How to make choices that will help you live better.

❤️ How to be a good spouse, parent, friend, and human.

🏃 How to stay motivated and have it stick.

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