3MN: unveiling deep societal fault lines and challenging assumptions.

3MN: unveiling deep societal fault lines and challenging assumptions.

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🌎 Minute 1 - Death on a subway, shouting in the streets.

Daniel Penny, a former U.S. Marine, has been charged with second-degree manslaughter for fatally choking Jordan Neely, a homeless Black man, on a NYC subway. The incident has ignited protests and raised concerns about race, justice, and homelessness. Advocates blame NYC's policies and demand more resources for mental health care. Penny was released on $100,000 bail, ordered to surrender his passport, and stay in New York. His attorneys believe he will be cleared. The tragedy unfolded when Neely, hungry and thirsty, began shouting on the subway. Witnesses say Penny restrained him in a chokehold with two others assisting.

True and lasting peace is intimately connected to justice. As followers of Christ, we are called to pursue justice for all, recognizing that without addressing systemic injustice and inequality, genuine peace will remain elusive, but through Christ's transformative love and justice, we can strive towards a world where peace and justice go hand in hand.

πŸ’¬ Minute 2 - A quote on the the failing rule of law.

David French is a New York Times Opinion columnist. He is a lawyer, writer and veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Here is how he opens his opinion piece:

Civil society cannot exist when the rule of law fails, and that includes on the nation’s streets and public transit systems. The rule of law has to apply to the most and least powerful citizens, or we will create a culture of impunity that can disrupt daily lives and, ultimately, dangerously destabilize communities.

The incident raises important questions about the role of bystanders and the need for a just application of the law to maintain public order and safety. New York City failed Neely and the passengers on that train, emphasizing the urgency of addressing these failures and preserving the rule of law.

🚈 Minute 3 - A reflection on systemic problems that led to this tragedy.

Jordan Neely's death has sparked a lot of important questions about the rule of law, morality, and societal failures. As we talk about the bigger issues, let's think about the complicated things that led to this incident and how we can fix the systemic problems that present.

πŸ‘‰ Here are 3 critical reflections:

  • The Failure of the System: The case of Jordan Neely unveils a distressing failure of the system to protect vulnerable individuals. Despite being on the city's Top 50 list and having a history of arrests and violent acts, he slipped through the cracks. This failure isn't just a tragedy for Jordan Neely but exposes a broken society that fails to support those most in need.
How can we hold institutions accountable for such oversights, and what measures should be taken to ensure better assistance and treatment for the homeless population?
  • Moral Ambiguity and the Rule of Law: The moral complexity surrounding this case raises crucial questions about the distinction between a tragedy and a crime. Was Daniel Penny's action of restraining Jordan Neely an act of self-defense or an unreasonable use of force? The upcoming legal proceedings will determine the legal outcome, but from a moral standpoint, we are challenged to evaluate the motivations and circumstances that led to this tragic event.
How can we strike a balance between safeguarding individual lives and ensuring justice is served within our legal system?
  • Building a Safer Society: The subway tragedy sheds light on the pressing need to address the issues of homelessness, mental health, and crime within our society.
What comprehensive measures can be implemented to provide better support systems for those struggling with mental illness and homelessness, preventing them from falling through the cracks? How can we work towards creating a society that fosters safety, compassion, and effective rehabilitation rather than perpetuating cycles of crime and despair?


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