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Minute 1 - Idea

Oneness begins with one.

When we work on becoming the best version of ourselves, we inspire others to do the same. We set an example for others when we take small steps to make a difference in our local community. Prioritize what is truly important and identify one area where you can make a meaningful impact, whether volunteering, reducing your carbon footprint, or simply being kind and compassionate.

Don't underestimate the power of focusing on one.

Minute 2 - Quote

From American writer and aviator Anne Spencer Morrow Lindbergh:

“I do not believe that sheer suffering teaches. If suffering alone taught, all the world would be wise, since everyone suffers. To suffering must be added mourning, understanding, patience, love, openness, and the willingness to remain vulnerable. All these and other factors combined, if the circumstances are right, can teach and can lead to rebirth.”

Something about suffering is unique to the human experience; nothing else in all creation suffers the way a human suffers. So, what is its purpose if suffering is exclusively ours to bear? I'm still chewing on that question and this quote.

Minute 3 - Reflection

What's your go-to method for caring for yourself when you're struggling? Do you reach for Ben & Jerry's or hit the gym? And most importantly, how can you prioritize your well-being in a way that works for you?

For those who are currently experiencing suffering, here are some actionable steps to help navigate through it:

Practice self-compassion

Look, I know it's tempting to beat yourself up over whatever crappy situation you're in, but let's be honest - that's not doing anyone any good. Instead, treat yourself with kindness and understanding, just like you would to your bestie, who just got dumped.

Connect with others

It might be tempting to shut yourself off from the world and binge-watch Netflix for three days straight, but trust me - it won't make you feel any better. Instead, contact a friend or family member who can offer support. And if they're unavailable, consider joining a support group or seeking a therapist or counselor. Because let's face it, talking to a professional is way more helpful than talking to your cat.

Find meaning

Hear me out - finding a sense of purpose or meaning in your suffering can be a powerful tool for resilience. Maybe you can use your experiences to help others going through similar things or use your pain to inspire change in the world. Or, if all else fails, you can use your pain as an excuse to eat an entire tub of ice cream. That's a sense of purpose, right?

Take care of yourself

I'm not saying you need to go all Gwyneth Paltrow and start doing goat yoga. But taking care of yourself is an essential part of coping with suffering. Ensure you sleep well, eat a healthy diet, and engage in activities that bring you joy and relaxation.

What's your go-to method for caring for yourself when you're struggling? I want to hear from you. Send your reflections or thoughts by simply replying to this email.

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Payton Minzenmayer

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3MN: achieving oneness and actionable steps to help navigate through suffering