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11 Weird Things Anxiety Makes You Do
Do you always compare yourself to other people? Do you find it hard to forgive yourself when you do something wrong? Anxiety can make people do many different things, like overthink or avoid social situations. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of you! Check out our list of 11 ways to deal with worry…
i feel so stuck
“I’m doing terribly mentally and getting out of bed each morning feels harder and harder. i feel so stuck” This was a text I received from a 25-year-old yesterday. It is a conversation that has become far too common, and the likelihood is you have had a similar discussion. Or
3 Mistakes That Will Kill Your Marriage
When two people get married, their chemistry is usually off the charts. However, with time, many come to find heated arguments, petty bickering, and tremendous disappointments. I don’t know if you have noticed, but marriage is failing everywhere. A ballpark average is that 50% of marriages do not g…
What I do when I feel like giving up.
I didn’t feel like waking up: my feet were dragging. I didn’t want to say my morning prayer: my faith was lagging. I didn’t want to make my boys breakfast: my parenting was sagging.