Top 5 Books I Read This Year

Top 5 Books I Read This Year
Photo by Christin Hume / Unsplash

Reading is my love language.

There is nothing quite like diving into the minds of great thinkers, poking and prodding their ideologies and imaginations to acquire more of my own. This year, I set a goal of 50 books.

By the end of the year, I should have hit my goal, but five books have bubbled to the surface. Here are my top 5 and why you should consider reading them.

The Richest Man In Babylon - George S. Clason

This book has earned its status as a classic, with enduring financial principles seamlessly integrated into its straightforward narrative. Although it had lingered on my must-read list for years, it was witnessing a gentleman engrossed in its pages at Five Guys that finally prompted me to dive in. The book is cheaper and longer-lasting than a Five Guy burger, so it's worth your attention just for that.

Embarking on my own financial journey, this book served as an invaluable compass, guiding me to a better relationship with money. I highly recommend adding it to your must-read list, and who knows, perhaps a visit to your local Five Guys might be the unexpected catalyst to inspire you to pick it up and delve into its pages.

All It Takes Is A Goal - Jon Acuff

Jon Acuff has done it again. With a flair for weaving humor and captivating stories into his self-help narratives, Jon has a knack for keeping you thoroughly entertained, often causing you to momentarily forget that you're absorbed in a book aimed at personal development. His skillful blend of wit and wisdom makes the journey through his pages not just insightful but genuinely enjoyable.

What's cool about Jon's stuff is that it's not just a bunch of lofty ideas floating in the self-help universe. Nah, his strategies are like real-life tools you can grab and use right now. Whether you're trying to figure out your career path, spice up your daily routine, or give your life a makeover, Jon's got these practical tips that are like your personal GPS for navigating through the maze of personal growth.

How To Be Perfect - Michael Schur

Michael Schur, the brain behind Parks & Rec (which basically secures his spot in the Awesome Hall of Fame), and the mastermind behind The Good Place—you add in his wizardry on The Office and a bunch of other shows, and he's like the Sitcom Creator/Writer/Producer superhero perched on the Mount Rushmore of TV greatness.

Now, if you're still riding the high from all that, brace yourself for this book—it's like a direct line to Schur's genius. Fair warning: it might just nudge you to upgrade your life game, and that involves, you know, effort. I get it; I've got my own thing too, so the struggle is real, but hey, at least you'll be pondering self-improvement with a side of Schur-style wit. As a professional comedic writer, Shur makes philosophy approachable once again.

Murder on the Ile Sordou - M. L. Longworth

These novels are my escapes. The are charming, delightful, and French. This one hold in its pages murder, wine, and an island getaway.

Longworth skillfully crafts vivid descriptions in her intricate mysteries. The familiar cast of characters keeps the narrative engaging, and with each installment, we delve deeper into their lives. In this episode, Verlaque and Bonnet's budding relationship takes center stage during a retreat to a rejuvenated island hotel. What begins as a vacation transforms into a complex narrative, intertwining past errors and present-day revenge.

A Story on Purpose - Payton Minzenmayer

Okay, this is a personal plug, but hear me out. 77% of people report feeling paralyzed by anxiety or hopelessly stuck. Look around. Right now. Three out of four people in this room carry that weight. If it’s not you, you likely know somebody. That is why I wrote A Story on Purpose.

We all have a story and a unique purpose we were meant to fulfill. But for many, that purpose remains hidden, obscured by fear, doubt, and uncertainty. We know there's something more out there, but we just need to figure out how to reach it.

A Story on Purpose is a simple, honest, and thought-provoking fable. Through a young man’s story, you will receive five actionable principles that will improve your life and restore your sense of joy.

What are you reading?