Jesus: the Great "In-Between." (1 Chronicles 6:49)

Jesus: the Great "In-Between." (1 Chronicles 6:49)
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But Aaron and his descendants were the ones who presented offerings on the altar of burnt offering and on the altar of incense in connection with all that was done in the Most Holy Place, making atonement for Israel, in accordance with all that Moses, the servant of God, had commanded. 1 Chronicles 6:49

We thread a needle here in Chronicles 6. 

Let's start with the context.

In 1 Chronicles 6, we find a detailed account of the Levites' lineage, particularly the priestly line. It's a chapter filled with names, but within it lies a verse that speaks directly to us today. 

Let's delve into the concept of the "priestly line."

In ancient times, priests served as intermediaries between God and humanity. Imagine a mechanic acting as a go-between for you and your car. 

Priests performed acts of atonement for Israel, essentially rectifying wrongs or imbalances. Atonement involves offering something of value to compensate for wrongdoing, like fixing your car to make amends for a breakdown.

This matters because of what we read in Hebrews 4. 

Hebrews 4:14-15 — Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has ascended into heaven, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet he did not sin.

Jesus here is labeled as our high priest. He is the great in-between of God and a broken humanity. 

Jesus not only serves as our high priest but also as the sacrifice given. He is the perfect lamb given on an altar to pay the price of my sin with his life. 

Today's takeaway

In the past, priests acted as intermediaries between God and people.  

However, Hebrews tells us Jesus fulfills this role as our ultimate High Priest. Unlike the priests of old, Jesus understands our struggles because He faced temptations Himself, yet remained sinless.

More importantly, Jesus is not just the middleman; He's also the perfect sacrifice.  

His death on the cross is the ultimate atonement, paying the price for our sins. This means we can approach God directly through Jesus without needing another intermediary.

Let's pray about that!

Father, thank you for sending Jesus. Through his sacrifice, I have access to pray to you in this moment. Amen.

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