The key to a healthy relationship

The key to a healthy relationship
Photo by Anthony Tran / Unsplash

In a healthy relationship, finding the right balance is crucial. It's a delicate interplay of feedback and attentive listening, warm embraces and friendly competition, offering a helping hand and accepting assistance. It's all about balance.

When assessing this balance, avoid getting caught up in the ups and downs of a single day. Some days may feel completely imbalanced, and that's okay because life is full of unpredictability.

On certain days, you might lean heavily on your partner, relying on their support and understanding. On other days, the roles may reverse, with them seeking solace in your presence.

Some days, you'll present challenges, while on others, you'll be the source of immense joy.

It's a constant give-and-take, where some days you receive precisely what you desire from the relationship, while on others, you'll need to make sacrifices.

And, of course, some days, you'll be the one doing most of the talking, while on others, you'll be the one lending a listening ear.

Focusing too closely on the day-to-day fluctuations makes it easy to become trapped in unrealistic relationship expectations. But when you zoom out and look at the bigger picture, you'll see a well-balanced relationship's natural ebbs and flows. Actual healthiness in a relationship emerges when you learn to navigate these waves in a manner that respects both individuals.

To help you gain a better perspective on your relationship's true nature, here are some critical questions you can ask yourself:

  1. What is currently stressing us out, and how is it affecting me personally?
  2. Is our relationship in a good place at this moment?
  3. Do we need to adjust how we balance things in our relationship?
  4. What do I desire more of in our relationship, and how can I express those needs?
  5. What can I do more or less to improve our relationship, and how can I achieve that?
  6. What personal changes or self-care practices should I implement to enhance my contribution to the relationship?

These questions encourage a shift from a myopic, self-centered perspective of the relationship to one that embraces the concerns and needs of both partners. It's this broader outlook that fosters a genuinely balanced relationship.

Zoom out. Find the balance.