As humans, we control only three things. (Romans 8:4)

As humans, we control only three things. (Romans 8:4)
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Therefore, we, who do not live by our corrupt nature but by our spiritual nature, are able to meet God's standards in Moses' Teachings. - Romans 8:4️ (GW)

Something is happening here, and we need to pay attention.

Let's start with the context.

Paul has just finished discussing his struggles with his fallen flesh and the sinful nature that remains within him.

He has confessed to the conflict his flesh creates with his new nature in Christ. In Galatians, he highlights this battle as the Spirit versus the flesh (Galatians 5:17).

Now, he states emphatically that the deliverance from that fallen flesh is through the power of the resurrected Christ. "Who will deliver us from this body of death?" asked Paul in Romans 7:24. 

The answer is Jesus. 

The resurrection power of Jesus is within us, and when we choose to walk in it, we can escape the power of sin with its negative consequences.

The battle of the natures.

As humans, we control only three things: who we trust, the perspective we adopt, and the actions we take.

Our choices derive from one of our two natures: flesh or Spirit. 

Though we still live in a body that is full of death and sinful desire (the flesh), we are no longer condemned in God's sight thanks to Christ's life, death, burial, and resurrection. 

Paul encourages believers to live the resurrected life each day. Not because they have to in order to "go to heaven," but because it leads to experiencing the fullness of life and the fulfillment of the law.

Today's takeaway

It is the Holy Spirit who lives in Christians. 

I recently moved some gravel around in my backyard. It was a back-breaking job until my neighbor brought his wheelbarrow over for me to borrow. All of sudden the load was lifted.

Our power is not found in our flesh. It found in our spirit because it is powered by the Spirit of God. It's time to pay closer attention to that!

Let's pray about that!

Father, we stand in awe of your glory. While my fleshly nature often drives me, please help me be mindful that I have the Holy Spirit guide me toward a resurrected style of living. Amen.

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