20 Sentences That Have Changed My Life This Year

20 Sentences That Have Changed My Life This Year
Photo by Melody Zimmerman / Unsplash

People don’t know how much you appreciate them; you have to tell them regularly.

Pay closer attention to the people who challenge you than to the people who sound like you.

Rather than trying to speak the most and sound the most clever, be the one who listens the most deeply.

Don’t trust your first thought.

If you cannot put away 10% of each paycheck for savings, you’re living above your means.

Listen to your body when it tells you to stop eating, go for a walk, or stretch your muscles.

Physically relax your body, especially when you’re feeling stressed.

Adopt the 60/40 rule: you should listen at least 60% of the time and talk no more than 40% of the time.

Make it a habit to spend ten minutes with God every day to reset your heart and mind.

See yourself as a beginner in everything you do, and you’ll never grow stagnant or complacent.

Pay attention to what triggers you and write it down.

Say ‘no’ to something you enjoy, but that does not move you closer to your goals at least once daily.

Emphasize your quirks; don’t try to hide them.

Take care of the boring things, like flossing your teeth and making your bed in the morning; they matter.


Do the things most people refuse to do so you gain an insane unfair advantage.

Realize that all of us are scared, weird, and fairly clueless about life.

Develop an obsession with becoming really good at something specific; bonus points if it is unique and serves others.

Do more with fewer things to find the time and energy you desire.

Your core identity—your identity in Christ—is one that cannot be changed or shaken.