10 Hidden Ways To Build Mental Toughness.

10 Hidden Ways To Build Mental Toughness.
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Nobody becomes strong accidentally.

Developing strength and power requires long hours in the gym and the gradual process of training and breaking down a muscle so it grows stronger. It may feel unnatural and uncomfortable if you’re just getting started, but it won’t always be this way.

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Your mind works the same way.

Negative feelings aren’t signs that your work isn’t working. The exact opposite is true—feeling uncomfortable is a great sign that you’re headed in the right direction. Be willing to embrace discomfort, and remember that it’s a necessary step on the path of self-improvement.

2 Corinthians 10:5, “We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”

In A Story on Purpose, readers are introduced to ten ways to keep their “mind in line.”

I listed them all here.

  1. Reframe Your Negative Thoughts. Everyone has negative thoughts that infiltrate their minds, so I must replace negative thoughts with helpful and true ones. Turn the “This is too hard” into “Today this is hard, but I can do hard things.”
  2. Create Goals You Can Crush. It’s fun to dream big, but every marathon begins with a single step forward. I don’t need a goal to lose 100 pounds, but to lose 5 in two weeks is doable today.
  3. Start from Zero Every Day. Too many people reach their pinnacle and coast their life away. There is no top of the ladder. Every day, I pretend to start from the bottom and work hard to get to the top.
  4. Accept Discomfort as a Greater Purpose. The next time I experience discomfort, remind myself of the bigger picture. Finish that workout even when I am tired. Balance my budget even when it gives me anxiety. Tolerating uncomfortable emotions can help me gain the confidence to crush my goals.
  5. Balance Your Emotions with Logic. Being overly anxious or excited can often cloud my best perception of a situation. Balance every moment with logic and emotion as I make decisions.
  6. Live with Purpose. I get only this life to live, and I get to choose how I live it. I choose to be intentional with my life.
  7. Live with Explanations, Not Excuses. Excuses come easy. I must take full responsibility for my mistakes so I can observe, learn, and readjust for the future.
  8. Use the 10-Minute Rule. The first step is often the hardest. The 10-minute rule says to do something hard for 10 minutes and permit myself to quit after.
  9. Prove Yourself Wrong. Every person is more capable than they allow themselves to be. I need to get out of the way of my potential. The next time I think I can't do something, I must prove myself wrong.
  10. Repeat Every Day. There is no off day for improving myself, just as there is no off day to being a good daughter, a loving friend, or a devoted follower of Jesus. Find something daily to improve myself physically, mentally, spiritually, or socially.

Imagine if you had 10% more mental strength than you currently have. What difference would that make in your everyday life?